New Year, New Site, New Commitment

Hey everybody…

Or at this point, possibly nobody…

My name is Matthew Munden and I founded Dice Enthusiasts nearly a year and half ago as a podcast with my friend, Ivan Miranda. The podcast quickly became an outlet for us to talk about our love of board games while also just hanging out with each other and other friends. Our episode output was spotty at best due to work and school. In mid-2018, I changed careers and became a high school teacher in the El Paso area which led to revision of the podcast: what once involved swearing, an occasional beer, or an inappropriate joke became clean. While some might have been discouraged by the sudden censoring, I found the challenge enjoyable.

I also found the sudden push into the educational world brought out what I cared a lot about: sharing my love of board games with those that might have never gotten a chance to experience them. I filed the necessary paperwork to form a non-profit organization in the state of Texas and am eager to finish the journey that began late last year to start to give back to my community.

The podcast recently went on hiatus after the passing of my dog, Furby. He was the unofficial third host with his tags making a cameo in nearly every episode and I briefly lost the desire to podcast. But after a month away from the microphone, I am ready to come back and I’m not just bringing back the original podcast with Ivan, I’m bringing back “Dice Enthusiasts Present…” and starting a new podcast “Love What I Love” in Spring 2019.

So…what I’m trying to say in this long and rambling blog post (the first of many) is that the Dice Enthusiasts are back: with a new website, a new series, and new episodes. So sit down and take a listen while we roll out.

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